Genius Barriers

Genius Barriers

Genius Rainbow

24V barriers designed for high-traffic areas
Variants will do up to 7m beams, or smaller sizes fast!

Genius Spin 6 and Spin 4

Proven 230V system for 3-6m barriers
Strong effective electromechanical choice to suit moderate to high traffic areas

Genius Vehicular Door Automation

Genius Mercury

Balanced industrial sectional door motor, highly compact, low noise, powerful, reliable, and safe.

Genius Shutter

Roller shutter motor, suited for window shutters, blinds, and awnings.
High reliability, little to no maintenance, and quiet operation.

Genius Trigon K

Folding door motor designed for use on large folding doors up to 3m in width and 5m in height
24V version available for intensive use

Genius Falcon K

Sliding and folding door motor
Designed for moving large industrial doors of either sliding or folding type using a chain drive system