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Genius®(by FAAC) automation solutions

The Genius brand has been established for over 20 years, and is part of the FAAC Group, leading the world in the supply of automated systems for vehicle gates, pedestrian gates, and barrier arm systems. Formerly Automatica Casali, the company has honed its manufacturing process, to become the world’s most trusted manufacturer of electro-mechanical gate automation. Early technology included developing the G-bat swing-gate operator, and the roller in-ground unit. Whilst these designs have been widely copied globally, the company’s commitment to quality has meant Genius automation products remain unrivalled.

Precision engineering

When it comes to machinery, Genius drive units feature more bronze and steel gears than any other manufacturers, as well as quality ball-bearings throughout. Exposed parts are either cast or extruded aluminium, or stainless steel - used extensively for both moving parts and fasteners.

Coupled with its range of control boards and accessories, Genius provides the engineering and aesthetic elegance that automation customers expect, with a build-quality that can largely eliminate costly call-backs after installation.

The Genius brand is an innovative segment of the FAAC family of products.

AANZ is delighted to exclusively stock and distribute its products in New Zealand.