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ZEAG Parking Systems - Simplicity combined with reliability

The new ZEAG is the advanced FAAC system which provides simplicity for users and installers whilst maintaining the reliability and precision required by parking managers. Innovative and modern in concept, ZEAG is designed to provide stations that are robust, ergonomic and easy to operate by the user. Structured for inexpensive use and low running costs, the system is based on simple, yet advanced mechanics and highly reliable electronic components.

ZEAG has been created focusing on Design and Users' Experience, to offer a unique and ergonomic design, together with state-of-the-art technological components, such as two-dimensional matrix barcode tickets. In addition, ZEAG also offers a high level of versatility and flexible customization possibilities for our customers.

At Access Automation we are proud to hold the New Zealand distribution Agency for the ZEAG car parking brand. We have the technical and specification expertise in house to specify your car parking projects. Our team includes installation and servicing capabilities. All bases are covered to ensure a long term strong working relationship, maximising your car parking revenues with effective, efficient systems using robust world leading hardware.

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