TiSO Turnstiles Products

Full Height Turnstiles

TiSO Sesame

The Sesame is a reliable and durable full height turnstile. Solid anti-vandal metal construction ensures smooth operation for thousands of passes.

TiSO Sesame Twin

Completely secure an area from unauthorized access with the Sesame Twin. 40 People per min capacity, guaranteed for 20 million passes.

TiSO GlassGo

The TiSO GlassGo is the perfect full height turnstile for when style is just as important as functionality. Classic full height rotary design for top quality performance and reliability.

TiSO Tripod Turnstiles

TiSO Twix

The Twix is suitable for all types of environments were access control is required, from stadiums through to elegant office buildings. Equip with anti-panic function for emergencies.

TiSO Centurion

Minimum space, maximum efficiency. Fast actuation and response helps to eliminate queues and keep crowds moving.
TiSO's most popular turnstile.

TiSO Swing Gate Turnstiles

TiSO Gate-GS

Control pedestrian access to your property with the the Gate GS. Stylish designs and colours allow it to match any interior. Gate can swing in both directions.

TiSO Gate-TS

The stylish Gate-TS is perfect for pedestrian access control with it's dual direction movement.
Crossing capacity of 20 people per minute.

TiSO Freeway Turnstiles

TiSO Sweeper

The perfect turnstile for the modern office or interior that requires access control. Features include stylish glass panels, LEDs, and opening/closing in under a second.

TiSO SpeedBlade

The most compact freeway turnstile of the TiSO range. Opening/closing in under a second and multiple top lid designs including wood, steel, and stone to fit any interior.

TiSO Rotor Turnstiles

TiSO Star-TS

The Star-TS is the practical solution to any access point. Durable and elegant stainless steel construction to match any interior.

TiSO Star-GS

Featuring the same simple and practical design as the Star-TS but with glass rotor turnstile blades to suit any office.