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AANZ B680H 8m Kit

FAAC 12 MT. Luminous Cord Pack Barrier Arm Beams For Led FAAC 12 MT. LUMINOUS CORD PACK
FAAC Traffic Light Connection Kit LIGHT CONNECTION KIT
FAAC B680H Integrated Led Traffic Light For Barrier Arm B680H INTEGRATED LAMP

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FAAC XP20B DAdjustable Directional Photocell Bus XP20B D PHOTOCELL BUS
FAAC 1 Channel Plug-In Receiver Card RP 433mHz SLH FAAC Receiver 5-PIN SLH
FAAC SLH LR One Button Handheld Remote Control white FAAC Remote
FAAC Barrier Arm Adhesive Reflectors 6 Pack ADHESIVE REFLECTORS 6 PACK
FAAC Adjustable Barrier Support Fork ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT FORK
FAAC STUD Foundation Plate for Barrier Arm Fork Support STUD BOLT FOUNDATION PLATE
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The AANZ-B680H-8m-Kit (Large Profile Beam) contains:

  • 1x FAAC B680H Barrier (104680)
  • 1x FAAC Red Cabinet (416016)
  • 1x B680H Foundation Plate (490139)
  • 1x Pocket and Balancing L Spring (428437)
  • 1x 4m Large Initial Beam (428048)
  • 1x 4.3m Large Final Beam (428051)
  • 1x Beam Join L (428616)
  • 1x XP20 BD photocell (785103)
  • 1x FAAC Kit 6 Adhesive Reflectors (490117)

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