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SKU 6170122
BRAIN 15 With Enclosure 24V/230V (3 Pin Receiver Plug) BRAIN 15 WITH ENCLOSURE
Genius Receiver Module 3-PIN For Kilo & Echo Remotes (6100346) GENIUS RECEIVER MODULE 3-PIN
Genius Kilo TX2 JL 6100332 Remote Control - 2 Button GENIUS KILO REMOTE
FAAC XP20B DAdjustable Directional Photocell Bus XP20B D PHOTOCELL BUS
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G-WAY system.
Released through a user-friendly accessory lever and customised key.
PROcoder safety system.
Sturdy inner kinematic mechanism made of a bronze crown and steel worm-screw.
Opening and closing slow down available.
Horizontal output cables (installation close to the floor).
Double Painting layer.

Nominal Power (W): 70
Current (A): 3
Thrust (daN): 280
Travel (mm): 300
Weight (kg): 8
Max Leaf length: 4m

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