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  • The radio system simplifies the installations creation (including complex ones) with no needs of wire cabling activities between safety edges and the automation’s control board.
  • The radio system is made of a XRS 868 radio receiver able to connect with XTS 868 transmitters, one or two resistive safety edges 8,2 KOhm can be connected to the transmitters or auxiliary devices.
  • Each radio receiver XRS 868 is able to manage up to 6 tramsmitters XTS868, i.e up to 12 safety edges mod. XS55 (8,2 KOhm).
  • The XRS 868 receiver allows cabling to the standard control boards equipped with safety inputs N.C. o 8,2 KOhm through independent relay outputs, or to FAAC control boards equipped with BUS 2easy through just 2 non polarized wires.

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See Downloads.

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